Tandra Mishra

A heavenly gift I received on the day you were born.


The tumultuous sky suddenly becomes quite and calm.


I was dull,barren;Full of thorns was my land.


Your arrival pours sangfroid and removes all the sand.


Now the fertile land producing many crops every year,


Feeding many people and fulfilling many’s desire.


How benevolent Lord Shiva is!Fulfilling everyone’s wish!


To feel you,to see you, to touch you,my Miss!




Gracious is the world where you’ve stepped in.


I’ve brought you to live and grow the faith within.


When the bell rang in the temple and announced me;


The morning flower has bloomed already,


The eyes of mine knew no words, except tears.


The carmine heart now throbs more & more only in pairs.

Tandra Mishra