Simmi Bhatnagar


“Sims, do you remember Christmas, four years ago ?” He asked me, bandaging my  bleeding hand.


“Of course, I do. That was the first time we had talked endlessly all day. It’s like, we talked about every single thing in the entire world. Wasn’t it a beautiful day?” 


“Yes, Sweetie. It was beautiful. You know,  I can count the topics we had talked about that day. I guess, that laid the foundation of what we are today…after all these years.” he sighed


“I wish, there was at least one human who would understand what we had. Everyone just categorized us as ‘the best couple’ or ‘best friends in love’ or the ‘perfect partners’ because we were so much into each other. I hated the fact that it had to be categorized. Why in the hell, can’t two people share something beyond being lovers or friends or brothers or sisters, if they aren’t family. 

I think, that’s why we parted ways.

Sadly, our partners were just like other people who would never understand what we shared.” I yelled at him, as he finished bandaging my hand and we walked outside.


“The world is a curious one you know, not everyone is like us. You remember, I used to do that too. But then, one fine day you taught me not to judge people and their relationships. I was so touched by your views that day, and since then, have you ever seen me judge anyone or any relationship? It was just you who changed me for the better. You and I  weren’t destined to be just friends or lovers or partners. We were meant to fill the voids in each other and to help each other grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and not everyone meets one such person for growth.” He smiled as he pressed my hands softly.


“But, weren’t we beyond the growth? Haven’t we fallen apart as well because of each other? Haven’t we ruined each other by trying to first fit in either category of relationships and then secondly trying to escape those cages?” I almost broke down


“We did fall apart, but aren’t we still together? Aren’t we still growing because of each other? Don’t we still run to each other when in pain? 

And whatever people say about us, it doesn’t change what we share deep within the core of our beings and if they want to categorize us necessarily, let us get categorized” he said with a strength in his voice


“Categorized as in? Now, what do you mean ?” I asked raising my eyebrows


“We are lucky, simple enough and that is a category indeed” he laughed and ruffled my hair as we walked away admiring our beautiful bond beyond the cages.

Simmi Bhatnagar who hails from Bareilly is an old soul experiencing life in her mid twenties.

She’s a teacher, a content writer, an author, and a poet who’s been published in more than 10 anthologies so far. Besides following her passion for writing, she’s also an intuitive energy and tarot card reader, a  healer, and a keen observer.

Her life revolves around learning anything and everything, and passing it on. She’s got a soft corner for kids, a passionate attraction for words, and a deep love for anything aesthetic that makes her feel ‘home’.