Navanita Medhi

I want to fly

like the birds

as freely as they do –

by stretching my wings wide.

Like the humming birds,

have the desire to soar with joy

as high as, is possible;

like the cuckoos,

want to roam all around

by singing the song of spring.

I wish to go

beyond the blue sky,

as vigorously as the eagles;

want to see

the whole of God’s universe –

all His creations – big and small;

like the white doves

hope to spread the messages

of love and peace

to everyone whoever I would meet

on the road.

I want to fly

as far as I can

by stretching my wings wide.

Navanita Medhi is from Guwahati. She teaches Political Science at J. B. Law College, Guwahati. She takes interest in writing both in English and Assamese since childhood.