Dear Readers,

     The rainy season has started. The much awaited monsoons have arrived in this part of the country. The rains provide a respite from the sweltering heat. The rains inspire many artists, musicians, writers and poets. Every creative field is inspired by the rains-be it songs,lyrics, poems ,art or even cinema. The first drop of rain on parched soil and the aroma that is exuded “petrichor”, is heavenly for many. Somehow it connects us to nature even in the midst of a busy schedule. We are transported back to our childhood. We remember purposely stepping on puddles in our school uniforms. The happiness of those innocent joys. Getting wet in the rain and catching a chill. Walking on the soft green grass after it has rained is another remembered pleasure of childhood.

     But rains also have adverse effects- the floods in the plains, the landslides in hilly regions, overflowing dirty gutters and clogged  drains in unplanned cities to name a few. It also brings with it a lot of water borne diseases. So one has to be on guard to remain healthy during the onset of monsoons. But this is true for every season, be it summer or winter. Continuous torrential rains bring in all sorts of woes to the region. But overall the monsoons replenish the groundwater, boost the growth of certain crops and are necessary for agriculture. And another very important factor is that it makes the climate so pleasant.

     During the rains, one craves for hot drinks like masala tea and fried delicacies like pakoras and samosas. The steady downpour during the monsoons is soothing to the ears and the sound of raindrops on rooftops are like a lullaby when we go to sleep. For many of us, the steady rhythm of rainfall makes us sit near a window gazing at the rains lost in our thoughts and dreams. Then there are many of us ,who love to curl down with a good read. All in all the monsoons are truly a magical time for most of us. So let’s make the most of this magic now!

Happy reading!


Editor (Honorary)