Editorial: February





     As you know, we have started the new year with contests- short stories and poems.  This is to motivate and encourage new talent and writing skills.  The very idea of this e-magazine was to spot fresh talent and provide a platform which would reach out to the world.  Apart from new writers, we also feature established writers to bring in a balance.

     We are glad to announce that there have been a large number of submissions for short stories and poems in all the age groups.  We had allowed multiple submissions with no registration fee to encourage writers from all over.  While there have been many entries from all over the country, there have been a lot of entries from abroad too.  This is very encouraging for us.,

     The results will be announced in February, as the number of entries is much more than we had anticipated.  Nevertheless, apart from the winners and the best fifteen entries in each category, we will be happy to publish the work of other writers too.  We hope that this contest will help us unearth new writers and bring our readers stimulating reading material.

     Happy reading!


With best wishes


Editor (Honorary)