Shaheen Akhtar

Rains, you give me shelter

From the scorching summer heat.

Kids play with you and paper boats,

And I find pleasure when

You bring them joy.

Peace is when I hear you drip

From trees overnight.

A melody…

So soothing to the ears.

But no more peace!

You have been so incessant and unslackening.

You keep me indoors all day long.

Neither can I beg,

Nor can I ask for alms from the rich.

I have nothing to feed my family

At the end of my day.

And my little ones sob,

In hunger and for shelter.

O’ rains! I am a petty beggar.

All I can do is to beg of you.

My house floats now,

Like the paper boats.

O’ rains!

Have pity on us.


Shaheen Akhtar, is a poet by destiny and passion. Poetry was born in her in 2015 when her father was incapacitated by a rare neuro muscular disease called ‘Myasthenia Gravis’. Her father’s illness depressed her so much that she decided to express her feelings out on paper, which eventually took the shape of poems. Her poetries are inspired from the realities of life, truth, simple human emotions, love and nature.