The Proud Tree

The Proud Tree

Aradhya Shristi

Once upon a time, in a forest, there were two trees, Jamun and Fig tree. The Jamun tree was very kind and honest. It gives space to birds and shelter to animals. It provides shade to people those who come and rest under it. The Jamun tree gives sweet fruits to birds, animals and human being to eat. But, just opposite of Jamun tree, the Fig tree was unkind and dishonest. It was very proud of its strongness and hugeness. It neither gives shelter to any bird or animal nor allows people to take shelter under it. It also not allowed its fruits to be eaten by birds, animals and human being.

One day, a squirrel asked the Fig tree, “Dear, why don’t you think once that you should also be kind? Look… at the Jamun tree, it is kind and honest.” The Fig tree replied proudly and angrily, “I am good, what & how I am. This Jamun tree is nothing in front of me. Birds, animals & human being will make me a messy tree!” Squirrel again said, “See, Fig Tree, it is my sincere advice to you; choice is yours, whether you want to change yourself or not!”

Few days later; a swarm of honeybees visited the forest. They were finding a tree for their hive. Seeing the Fig Tree, the Queen honeybee was delighted and thought to make their hive on its branches. She said, “Partners, this tree is very strong, we will make our hive on this tree.” Listening all these, Fig tree said angrily, “I hate your sticky honey! You all will mess my branches and leaves! You will disturb me with your humming voice also!” The Jamun tree was listening everything; it said “Oh dear honeybees! Please come here, I will give you space for your hive.” The Queen honeybee was happy and she took the swarm of honeybees to the Jamun tree and made their hive and lived there.

Two weeks later, two woodcutters came in the forest and were looking for the finest tree to cut in the forest. When one of them saw the Jamun tree, he was delighted and said to his partner, “Look! This Jamun tree is very huge and will fulfil our purpose.” But his partner said, “Look at the tree’s branches, there are many birds, animals and honeybees. By seeing it, I can recognize that this Jamun Tree is a home for many birds, creatures, animals and its fruits are eaten by many people and animals. Cutting this tree will not be good. Look at that Fig tree! There’s no animal, bird or honeybees, let’s cut this tree for our purpose.” And they started doing so.

Seeing all this, the Jamun tree requested to the honeybees, “Oh dear, please help the Fig tree! Fast.” But the queen honeybee said, “NEVER EVER!” But, seeing the kindness of Jamun Tree, other animals and birds were also started requesting to the queen honeybee to help the Fig Tree. Accepting everyone’s request, the queen honeybee ordered its other honeybees to attack the woodcutters. Scared with the swarm of honeybees, the woodcutters ran-away from the forest and the Fig tree was now safe. Witnessing all the events, the Fig Tree had realized and accepted all his past mistakes. From that day onwards, the Fig tree started being kind and honest.