The Rainbow

The Rainbow

Translated by: Amlandeep Das

Original poem : Parthasarathi Mahanta

“You will listen to what I say
You will see what I show”
The voice- a lightening flash
Reverberates the hall
with quickening virtue
turns into a tempest
A virtual energy
Amidst this tumult
The caverns of the ear, nose, eyes
come alive
The heart palpitates
They gaze without a blink
Await the curtains to rise
Pitchy darkness eclipses all
A dizzy trance amidst the smoke
suddenly a spotlight
obliterates the darkness
He appears magic wand in hand
A mystical journey unfolds
A Kopou appears at the flick of his finger
Nymphs arise from nought
The guillotine lopps off heads
The ward conjoins there
The ward rises sky high
And lo ! a rainbow in the plafond
Amazed, they watch the miracle
The tattered walls bear witess
To a rainbow sans sky

Amlan Das

Amlandeep Das,retd Head,Dept.of English Cotton University,is a critic,musician and former state level cricketer.