The Saga of Doury & Youdi – Chapter 7 B

The Saga of Doury & Yodi

Sacrificial Lions for the mighty Lambs!

Characters inspired by Vysa’s great Indian epic. The story line is set somewhere in the distant future. In no way should the storyline be compared to Vyasa’s magnum opus

Nayan Ananda Goswami

An overturned earthen pot! That’s what Ghatzy’s gleaming bald head looked like. His name was a dig at that from an old Sanskrit word.

He was the undisputed king of the massive underbelly of the corporate world that extended beyond geographies. Based out of a non-descript hillock – Kamyaka, Ghatzy had his eyes and ears everywhere. He was aware of the corporate war of the Kooroos and Paendeeys’.

He was on standby, ready to move. He remembered his promise to his father, Bremz – “He just needed to think of him and Ghatzy would be there”. His comrades, confidantes, mercenaries, friends, every resource he had, kept him fed with all the info. He knew more about the Corporate war then the people who were in the midst of it. It was an uncanny sixth sense that kept Ghatzy alive in the dog-eat-dog jungle of the underbelly. It was this same blink-feeling that told him his end was near. He would need to make a supreme sacrifice, for the holy lambs to survive.

It wasn’t a surprise when Bremz, did think aloud, “Ghatzy, I need you…” and the same was reported back to Ghatzy within hours through a labyrinthine maze of informants. He knew that it was Krey who prodded Bremz to seek for Ghatzy. And he understood there was much more to it than what his father knew.

Ghatzy and Youdi had a deep bond which ran perhaps even deeper than father and son. And Ghatzy chose not to ever reveal the deceit and manipulations that was required to stay ahead in the game. A game, a war that Youdi led. Led just ex-officio. As the eldest sibling. He had little clue of what was happening.

This entire corporate war that the family was fighting, could have perhaps been stopped and won over by Kranz, single handed. Krey understood this. And Krey had orchestrated the moves to move all roadblocks, one by one.

That’s what a war needed. Intelligence and the need to know your enemy better than they knew themselves. The shrewd way of fronting Shikhan to outsmart Brizm. Sly move to take away, rather get Kranz to give away all his holdings and veto rights – it was like taking away all his armour and weapons in a war. Krey actually played it smart to get Kranz give it all away, on his own!

Kranz, however, still had one last trump card. He could use it once, but that was good enough to annihilate any move anyone makes. Krey had to ensure to deflect this move away from the Paendeeys. But such a powerful move wasn’t going to be used on an adversary, just like that. It had to be the quintessential last resort move. It didn’t take Krey long to identify the sacrificial lion, so that the mighty lambs could live. Ghatzy was waiting for that call.

I fought Ghatzy once. I, Asty, son of Dr. Ona wasn’t someone anybody ever desired to fight with. I am a Juggernaut myself. I had tremendous respect for Ghatzy. He played by the rules, but would use moves that would look like magic, moves pulled out of thin air. But you could never term them as deceit. I never took pride that I was responsible for the downfall of one of Ghatzy’s son – Anzyparv. It was one of the many undesired things I did, in the name of friendship.

Anyway, Krey ensured that Kranz had to use his trump card, denuding him of all his powers. Again, a sacrifice made on the altar of friendship. Kranz, used it to save Doury and the Kooroos! He chose friendship over his personal battles. Ghatzy was brought down. That was a ceremony everyone shuddered to remember. Ghatzy fell, not before he took a huge chunk of Kooroos’ assets and power. In his death, Ghatzy confirmed the death knell for the Kooroos.

Barbarak, son of Ghatzy was the only other being from Hademy’s clan who was perhaps the most powerful of them all. He understood the business ten folds than anyone ever did. He knew all the moves you needed to bring down any corporate. Size didn’t matter. There was always one chink in the armour, you need to know how to find that. Barbarak knew that like the back of his hand. He knew all the chinks of any corporate that was worth its salt. He knew exactly what trigger to pull to bring down everything like a pack of cards. But he was the underdog, by his own desire and choice. He never made an exhibition of his prowess. When you have power beyond your needs, you don’t showcase. You know you can bring it down, so you don’t need to show it. Display prompts opponents to build barriers and forts – and you need to re-identify chinks. It was wise to lay low and strike only when needed. One strike to bring it down all. Barbarak knew the knockout punch, for everyone. And Krey knew, that Barbarak knew it and could actually do it too. 

Barbarak was one person whom Krey couldn’t size up. Barbarak, son of Ghatzy, ran with his own principles. He had this impulsive desire to always take side of the vanquished. Particularly if there was treachery used to vanquish someone.

Krey wasn’t sure, if this streak may prompt Barbarak to actually fight against the Paendeeys! So Krey used the most dangerous weapon of them all. Emotion and misguided sense of fairness!

Nobody knew how and why. He convinced Barbarak to take his own life!  He lay paralyzed, a vegetable! He heard and saw but couldn’t move a muscle. It is said Barbarak’s deep desire to have more information and look at everything from a bird’s eye view, brought about his own end. Its rumoured Krey promised him to feed all the info of the boardroom war of the Kooroos & the Paendeeys, if Barbarak chose to inject himself with the drug which will irreversibly paralyse him. His brain would function, on a body that is dead! It is said Barbarak agreed. Perhaps Barbarak didn’t want to take sides in a war he knew, he would be sucked into. Perhaps that’s why he agreed. No one ever knows.

Krey brought down all the lions. Got them to sacrifice themselves to ensure the lambs lived!  That’s the rule of the endgame. Get sacrificial lions so that the lambs survive !



Nayan Ananda Goswami lives to D.R.E.A.M. – Drink, Read, Eat, Amble (about),Music & Movies.  A reclusive reluctant writer. In love & awe of the absence of the quintessential ‘Good over Evil’ in the 2 Indian epics.