The Sobbing of Love

The Sobbing of Love

Nilakshi Dutta

Sahjahan, was your love as enormous as this unsurpassed mausoleum?

 Was it as pristine as these white stones?

The serpentine dome, jewel crusted walls,

Adroit craftmanship

Made this symmetry elegant and exquisite of its kind.


Is there anyone so blessed

To have such an exclusive token of love?


The tantalizing beauty blinds the view of its beholders

And makes me sick

The glittering blur my way to get through your heart

The marble vault disrupts my easy breathing  

Strangles my throat in wild fantasy


Shahjahan, neither do I want a pristine white marble tomb

Nor I do want a blazing sky of jewels

This ostentatious luxury tears my heart apart.


Instead bring me the image of those toiled hands

That was cut to make your gift second to none

Bring me the tears of those sculptors

 on whose sweat and blood

Standing this mortal memento of love



Come Shahjahan, unearth me from this befitting tomb

 And let us entomb this  uncanny love.

Nilakshi Dutta hails from the pristine tea gardens of Assam, Tinsukia. She has been working as a Principal in a government Senior secondary school for the past five years. She is extremely passionate about poetry and considers herself to be more of a reader than a writer. Her short stories have been published in famous Assamese literary magazine GORIYOXEE and a few of her poems are scattered in some indigenous newspapers