Tiramisu Mousse cake

Tiramisu Mousse cake

You need

Marshmallows 150 gms

Butter 50 gm

Chocolate 250 gm, I use Dark Chocolate

Water 4 tbsp

Cream 285 ml

Sponge Fingers About20

Coffee 1 cup

Cocoa powder 3 Tbsp

How its made

Put Marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl ( You can do it on

gas as well) add water and heat it till they r melted, stirring in between. Now

add Butter and Chocolate and melt the as well, stirring in between. Let it

cool for 5-10 Mins

Beat the Cream until stiff peaks and Mix it slowly in chocolate

mixture. At the end you mixture should me light and fluffy. Take your

serving dish 9 x 11size.

Pour the coffee in a flat bowl, make sure its cold. Now dip your half

Finder Biscuits one by one in the coffee and Lay then at the bottom of your

dish ( depends how many you can fit, don’t force) and pour half of your

chocolate cream mixture, make it smooth and Sprinkle half of the cocoa

powder on twitch the help of a sieve and repeat the same with rest of the

ingredients and rest it in the Fridge for at least

Sonia Kaur Bumrah was born in Amritsar and graduated with Arts. She has travelled around the world which has influenced her inspiration for cooking different cuisine. She has lived in Sivasagar, Rajahmundry, Mumbai, Baroda- in India, Cairo-in Egypt, Medan- in Indonesia, Doha- in Qatar, Livingston-in Scotland, Erbil-in Iraq, Roma and currently resides in Perth-Australia. She has cooked in Four Season Cairo, Taj Hotels and Palace in Delhi, Goa and Jaipur, India. Her cooking skill ranges from North and South Indian dishes, Thai, Middle Eastern, Continental and Baking