Dear Readers

     As we come up with the final issue of the magazine for the year 2022, let us look back at the year. 2022 has been a better year as compared to the last couple of years, as we have seen the pandemic abate. Although there have been a few cases of covid, people by and large have been able to restart their lives and things have limped back to normalcy. It might take a while for life to pick up to the stage where life was during pre covid days. Nevertheless, the pandemic has taught us lessons which humanity will remember forever.

     The first lesson that we all have learnt is never to take things for granted. The second lesson is that our lives are so busy and we feel our work is so very important. But everything took a backseat during pandemic. It has taught us that even work from home is possible. Most of us had become like robots, who had forgotten family time. Being forced to stay at home made us realise the importance of relationships. Helping one another in times of crisis has made us believe in humanity once again. And more importantly our environment, our greenery has got a respite from the onslaught of pollution. Mother Nature has taught us an important lesson.

     When we look back at the year, we will remember with pride all that we have achieved. We are thankful for being alive and having lived through the pandemic to tell our tales to future generations. We have learnt to cherish relationships, look after the environment, change and adapt as per situation, and more importantly, count our blessings. So let us look forward to the new year.

     Happy reading!

Editor (Honorary)