Editorial- November




Dear Readers,


     The fast paced lives that many of us lead today, leaves us with very less time for ourselves. But it is very important for each one of us to have some time to ourselves every day. If it is not possible to have some time to ourselves everyday, we can give time to ourselves in the weekends. We can go for short trips or long vacations.We can engage ourselves in activities which we enjoy, thereby giving ourselves some time to rejuvenate from our daily grind.

     So what are the things that we can do? We can say our prayers and offer gratitude, we can meditate, we can fix a fitness routine by joining a gym or a yoga class or even by walking or running. We can take up a hobby that we enjoy-reading,writing,watching a movie, do some gardening,listening to music or cooking a new dish. We can pamper ourselves by going to a spa, have a massage or indulge in beauty and body care that will make us feel good. We can have some time without technology- switch off our mobile phones and internet. We can enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature at times.

     There are times when on a working day we can come home early by completing our tasks early. Or we can start our working day late by an hour or so. This will give us some more time to ourselves. We can learn a new thing every day- maybe a new word or a recipe. We can engage ourselves by playing word games or puzzles. We can declutter our homes or offices to make our lives simpler. We can meet our friends over a cup of coffee.

     These are few things we can do to reinvigorate our body,mind and spirit . Our busy schedules and modern day lifestyles can burn us out early. Fatigue, stress, exhaustion have become routine for most of us. We cannot change our fast paced lives. But we can make small changes in our daily lives which will go a long way in rejuvenating us each day and prepare us to face future challenges.

Happy reading!


With best wishes


Editor (Honorary)