Dear Readers,

The new year is a time of reflection.  As we look back at the year that has passed, we find that the pandemic has changed our perspective about life.  Each one of us have been affected by the pandemic.  We have lost many of our near and dear ones, some have had to close down their business, the economy has deteriorated and so many other changes have taken place in our day to day life.  Before the pandemic, we led busy lives with targets to accomplish,very little time for family and friends and were always racing against time.  But the pandemic changed the fast pace of our life to a slower one.  It gave us time for our family and friends.  We rediscovered the simple pleasures that life offered us.  We indulged in our favourite hobbies and tried to face the new challenges that life offered in innovative ways.

     Our magazine was also created due to the pandemic. The first few months had very little magazines or newspapers published. The television channels,radio and the internet were the medium through which we obtained news.  But it was the internet which became important to all of us.  Be it in the education sector where students attended classes or government and business meetings conducted over zoom or other such apps,payments made, entertainment through television and OTT platforms and so on. The basic idea behind the creation of the magazine was publishing the work of renowned writers and offering a platform to budding talents.

     As we review our performance, we find that we have brought our readers a variety of reading material-novels,diverse short stories, poems which have touched our hearts, adventurous travelogues, thought provoking articles, lip smacking recipes,beautiful artwork, tips for beauty and health etc.etc. The most satisfying part of our journey so far has been our readership-it has not been restrained to any one region but has transcended all boundaries.  And that is the beauty of the internet.  That we have managed to have our work read by readers all over the world.

     In the coming year, we resolve to bring in a variety of writers and fresh talent.  We have competitions lined up, so as to discover fresh talent and also tie ups with two universities which will surely encourage young students.  Our editorial; team will continue to work hard and bring our readers new write-ups and we value your opinion dear readers.  So do write to us and comment on our articles.

     On behalf of the Editorial team, I wish our readers a very happy and prosperous New Year.



With best wishes