Rajnish Goswami

When it comes to a cardiovascular exercise equipment, the treadmill is the most popular.
Abundantlt seen in fitness studios, gyms and homes,the treadmill offers an excellenyt way to get your aerobic training indoors which makes it advantageous when you donot want to train outdoors.
What is a treadmill:
A treadmill is an equipment that allows you to walk or run indoors.There is a short belt fed across the top of the device which acts as the moving platform.You can manually adjust the speed and the elevation.
While most of the treadmills are motorised , there are some non motorized options also which are popular.The nonmotorised ones have a slightly curved running surface and requires you to move the belt yourself to reach the desired speed.
Research suggests that you get a harder workout on a non motorised treadmill.
The Pros and Cons of running on a treadmill
Pro: Some people think that running on a treadmill is the easy route. However running at 1% incline has been accurately found to spend the same energy as running outdoors.
Simulate race environments: The higher end treadmills can help you train better better for races because they can emulate different types of trails and terrains and change during the workout.
Joint health:
Running on a treadmill is easier on your joints and can prevent injuries as the belt is smooth cushioned and forgiving on the joints.
Less agility benefits:
Running outdoors can boost your coordinaton and balance which helps you do other tasks.
Not all muscles get worked:
The belt of the treadmill does some work for you when you run.This means your glutes and and hamstrings are not worked out that much on a treadmill. 
To fix this you need to add afew outdoor runs.
Treadmill running can be boring:
Even with your favourite music or tv show running on the treadmill can be very boring.
The time ticks away very slowly when you run indoors.
Running outdoors gives you the benefit of nature and makes you feel the workout is much faster.
There are equal pros and cons to running on a treadmill
It boils down to your preference and which one you will do mor

Rajnish Goswami, obese till 2015, successfully completed multiple Marathons and Ironman half distance and full distance races. He is a fitness enthusiast and an avid reader of sports science

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