Anamika Chaudhury

Fitness is a condition of being physically fit and healthy and involves and attributes that include cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength,  muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility and mental satisfaction. While there is a standard definition of Fitness, each individual can have their own definition and ability for what fitness means.

No matter what the definition is, it is important for every individual to keep their personal definition of fitness within a healthy framework. This means we have to have realistic expectations and balance and moderation in all aspects of life. Even though each of us have our own definition about fitness and also know its importance, for many of us, to start this journey, the hardest part of beginning a fitness program is STARTING. Its true!

Here are a few tips from my personal journey of fitness, which I consistently continue to do so for more than five years now. 

As I mentioned earlier, getting it started is the hardest part! We need to psychologically trick ourselves into finding motivation to exercise. We all know exercise is good for general health, weight loss and a dozens of other things. 

What separates a few of us from people who exercise and like it from the others who cannot drag themselves to do so even if they have been wanting to be at it for quite sometime, and at times this can stretch for months or even a couple of years! 

What is the trick to motivate yourself to begin this journey? 

To develop an internal locus of control! To bring in the understanding with the mind that we ourselves are responsible for what we want to be. Its make or break! We are in control of everything. If we want to decide our change, we can make this “change” happen.  The way we perceive ourselves in control,  or out of control, that is the path our life is going to take. 

Believe in self efficiency – self belief: I can do it! I shall make this change for the best! Make yourself a priority. 

Self motivation is the most powerful tool. But too much extrinsic motivation indirectly weakens the mindset of a person. It affects the intrinsic motivation. 

Extrinsic motivation is basically reward driven and can bring temporary satisfaction. External factors drive this form of motivation. For example, to workout seriously to achieve goals to acquire a dream figure or body to flaunt at a special event is extrinsic motivation. 

Intrinsic motivation is from within without external expectations and mostly performed for mental satisfaction and happiness.

Both form of motivation is of importance to us. We just need to know each of its limits.

We ought to keep in mind to do something we like. Set small goals. Doing 5 minutes of something we like is more important than doing an hour of something we don’t because it is for sure that we won’t stick to it for long. We have to keep focus to having a long term period of the exercise regime that we plan to do, atleast a decade in minimum. Therefore stop activities you do not like. Because the more you externally intensify it without enjoying it, it is more you are not going to do it in the long term.

Set ultra easy goals that boost your confidence. The goals should be so small that we can easily exceed them. The self-confidence automatically goes through the roof and get to push oneself to do a little more!

Keep the “experience” of exercise positive:- while having the experience of exercise, stay positive in the mind. This “changes” the psychological effect in the mindset about exercising. The brain which already knows about the benefits of exercise sets itself to enjoy this new journey and looks forward to doing it better, do it for a longer time and begins showing signals to discipline and control other correlated factors necessary to bring about an over all change for fitness and weight loss.

Stay focused to remain positive and consistent. Consistency is the most important supplement of this journey!

Anamika Chaudhury is a garment designer who runs a tailoring unit for more than 15 years. She is a perfectionist and it can be viewed in her niche level of workmanship. Apart from her profession, she is involved in organic farming and rural upliftment