Reframing your thoughts

Reframing your thoughts

Shehnaj Parveen Sarma

Reframing our thoughts and feelings and viewing them differently help us work with our situation more efficiently and successfully . Cognitive reframing is a technique used to shift your mindset so you’re able to look at a situation, person, or relationship from a slightly different perspective.Cognitive reframing is something that you can do at home or anytime you experience distorted thinking, but it can be helpful to have a therapist’s assistance particularly if you are caught in a negative thought pattern.

Let us reframe our negative thoughts and give them another stronger positive meaning and work towards achieving those more effectively.

I’m a failure-

Reframe  – say I’m learning how to do it differently.

My life won’t get better- instead say

In the process I’m evolving and creating a better life for myself .

Nothing I do works out –

I know hundreds ways how not to repeat my mistakes

Here example of Thomas Alva Edison works.

My depression is entirely my fault-

Depression has no cause it can happen with anyone, it’s a disorder I’m going through and with proper help and guidance I will overcome shortly.

I’ll lose control

I’m determined and I will never give up . If one can do it I can do it too .

I’m having a heart attack – instead tell yourself

I know It is a false alarm, for my satisfaction I should see a doctor.

I’m the only one with this problem-

I’m not the only one with this problem and I’m sure if there is a problem there must be a solution .

They know I’m neurotic –

People know what they know but I’m confident I’m doing fantastic despite everything.

There’s Something wrong with me – replace it by saying

There  is nothing wrong with me , this is a temporary phase which I will overcome soon .

Everyone has unhelpful thoughts, some more than others. But, like any other habit, the more you practice turning those thoughts around, the easier it may become.

True transformation comes from consistency. Practice these tips a little every day and, over time, you may hear your whole inner dialogue change course.

Remember You are not your thoughts, and you don’t have to be owned by your thoughts.

To continue the inner work, you may find it helpful to read some books related to it , meditation and regular physical exercises along with healthy self talk.

Shehnaj Parveen Sarma from Guwahati practicing NLP counsellor and Life Coach and has a Facebook Page called Mind Triggers related to counselling.