The Red Door

The Red Door

Triaksha Prodhani

Once upon a time, a family shifted to a big old house. They thought of renovating the house. One of the constructors saw a red button on the wall. He called the owner. The owner came and he asked the constructor to press the red button. The constructor pressed the button and a red door appeared. The red door had no lock. On the door, a message was written. It said, “Open after ten years”.

On December 25, on Christmas Day, children were playing in the garden. They were playing hide and seek. It was David’s turn to hide and Lily’s turn to seek. When David went to hide, Lily could not find him anywhere. So, she told her parents that David was missing. She and her parents started searching for him. But they could not find him anywhere. They called the cops but they also could not find him. They were very worried that David was missing. Nobody could find him and finally, they gave up. Lily was really sad that David was missing. But she could not do anything.

Ten years later they opened the red door and they saw a room. They found a very old and dirty bed in the room. Next to the bed, they found a closet and when they opened the closet, they could not believe their eyes. It was a skull of a human. And on the skull, it was written ‘David’ with blood. Lily was crying out of fear. She ran out of the house. She was panting when an old man approached her.

He asked, “Why are you crying?”

Lily replied, “I am really, really scared.” Then she told him everything that had happened to her.

The old man was shocked to hear her story. Then he went inside the house and Lily took him to the red door. When the man saw the red door, he saw that Lily’s parents were also very scared. The man was surprised to see the red door. Lily’s parents asked him, “Why are you so surprised, sir?”

The old man replied, “You shouldn’t have pressed that red button.”

 “Why?” Lily’s parents asked.

The old man replied, “Long ago there was a girl named Lina. She lived with her brother, Samuel. They built a new house and Lina said that she wanted a red door. Because her favourite colour was red. When the house was done, she was really happy to see her room. It was all red, and even the electric bulbs were also red. She was so addicted to that room that she never came out of the room even for food. Days went by like this. And she was starving all day and night. One day, her brother knocked at the door many times, but there was no sign of Lina. So, they finally broke the door and they saw that Lina was dead. Since Lina’s favourite colour was red, they buried her in that room only. And from that day, the spirit of Lina was in that room.”

When Lily’s parents heard the story, they got very scared. And they left that house forever. A few years later, another family shifted to that house. And they saw the red button. When they pressed that button, the red door appeared…

Triaksha Prodhani