Translated by: Amlandeep Das

Original poem : Parthasarathi Mahanta

I fought for her freedom
Yet they took away my rights
I unfurled the star spangled flag
I felt choked:my heavenly voice
Black is beautiful,I thought
But the law moves upon silence

My conscience concealed
And draped in black
Libertus lies tangled up in blue
A lifeless statue.

Have no regrets being black
The colors you play with
I kindle them to beauty
Both fire to us,flame to thee
I’m a puzzle,an enigma
Chastise me not
I fancy my hue
It’s colorlessness.

I’m a father too
Wanted to bequeath
A rainbow to you Gianna
Even a kiss
Freedom to Roxy my love
Like angels that soar above
United in nuptial bliss.

George Floyd has ceased to exist
My voice, oh my voice,
Doesn’t choke anymore
It reverberates from hills to shore
Choke my throat,I’ll still
A peaceful song sing
Seek no fortune nor fame
My death opposes all that befell.

Amlan Das

Amlandeep Das,retd Head,Dept.of English Cotton University,is a critic,musician and former state level cricketer.