The Magical Pond ( Ode to Dighalipukhuri)

The Magical Pond
( Ode to Dighalipukhuri)

Sangita Saikia Pathak

The carpet of fallen leaves;

The canopy of the shady grove of trees;

The refreshing wind from the pond gushes in—–

Drenching one in its sweet kisses of cold shower—-

On hot sultry days!!!!

Or the smiling sunshine sometimes peep in

Through those shady grove of trees!!!

Sending cosy smiles across the faces of a pair of lovers—-

Basking on its banks—

Holding hand in hands—-

Dreaming of being in unison in future!!!!

The moonlight beams on it—-

Casting its lovely reflection during the romantic evenings;

Leaving you smitten by its beauty:

Invigorating all your senses —- 

Every time you come across it—-

The magical pond weaves its spell of magic;

And the mystical aura of the long lost kingdom sets in;

Its green waters sparkle every moment:

Singing to the tune of the broad azure sky above it;

In memory of the Swayambara—-

Of Princess Bhanumati !!!!!!!!!

Sangita Saikia Pathak has been writing poems, short stories and articles since her college days. Soulful Musings is her first poetry collection. She works in the Govt of Assam.