Rajnish Goswami

It may be tough to get uo and go for a run but most of the time, you’ll be more pleased with yourself if you do it.
There will be so many reasons you would want to get up and run when you thunk about it.Reasoning yourself why you want to run will likely drum up the motivation for an activity you truly want to do.
On one hand you’ll come up with excuses to avoid it but the satisfaction after doing it is a good counter to just do it.
Motivation follows action. So get yourself together and start moving . You will feel better after running and will be happy you stuck to your routine.
These following tips will help you find the incentive to step up your game and comit to your run routine whether youre planning a light jog around your neighbourhood or an intense session.
Get competitive
If you enjoy , look for a friendly competition with a group of people to run with in order to keep up the pace or chart your timigs with others using a firness app.
Lower your minimum time
On days when youre unable to run the planned time , run whatever little time you have available instead of not running at all.This way you will avoid missing an entire day.
Get in a group
The more the merrier when it comes to motivation. Find one or several partners with whom you can set up a running schedule.Even if you don’t run together daily you can bond together a few times for accountability.
Feel the endorphin energy
The runners high is real. You may feel a sense of positivity as running improves your mood it releases endorphins.
Dress for the run
Dressing well for the run has a positive effect on how you percieve yourself, and it may motivate you to run more often.Shop for running shoes and clothes that you’ll enjoy wearing.
Mix it up
Switch up your routine atleast once a week. Run hills instead of a long distance or add in some sprints. You van also change your route.
Maintain a healthy weight
Running burns calories and reduces belly fat. It helps you make healthy food choices and also allows you the occasional burger. Running helps meeting your weight goals.
Reward yourself
Create a reward sysytem for yourself Track your progress and keep a chart placing it where you can see it often. 
Rewards can be simple  as allowing yourself an extra 30 min nap.
Set goals
Break your intentions into small manageable goals. They might include the amount of time you put in every week or the mileage.
You will need to stay motivated and make sure you maintain this drive every day in order to achieve your goals.
Ultimately its you who has to set out on your run.It is easy to reason out why you cannot do it but on the contrary you will have many reasons to do it.
Stay focussed on the reasons you like to run and the benefits it brings
Trust yourself to lead the way

Rajnish Goswami, obese till 2015, successfully completed multiple Marathons and Ironman half distance and full distance races. He is a fitness enthusiast and an avid reader of sports science

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