Reetoopan Kaushik

Take me back to that hamlet of mine

Where the solitary Xewali still showers

Where the kids still sing & dance merrily round and round

Where the farmer in the rice field smiles at the sky 

Adjusts his Jaapi, and still protects himself from the torrents!


Take me back to that suburb of mine

Where the siren from the factory still brings up smiles 

Where the bicycles still crowd the lanes outside the movie halls 

Where the school going students laugh at their own silly banter

Pick up fights, and still protect themselves from strangers!!


Take me back to that state of mine

Where the sounds of the Xutuli still gestures

Where the Naamghor, Mandir and Masjid are still divine 

Where the fellow citizens sing in unison, pick up the hengdang 

And still protect the nation – from the known and the unknown!!!

Poet: Reetoopan Kaushik