Rajnish Goswami

A published paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology outlines a new workout that could become as popular as Yasso 800s, because the numbers are just s simple. The new workout is called 30-20-10 (or 10-20-30). Veteran runners who followed the training for just 7 weeks improved their 5k times by 4%, dropping from 23:03 to 22:16.

They also lowered their blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, the workout appears to be health enhancing as well as performance enhancing.

The study should interest runners , because it didn’t just measure physiology markers . It measured actual performance, which improved dramatically. The 30-20-10 runners,3 women and 5 men also lowered their 1500 mtr time by 6% from 6.09 to 5.49. They did this while decreasing their weekly training mileage by 50%.

The workout

Warm up with easy jogging for 2 km

Jog for 30 seconds, run normal training pace for 20 seconds and sprint for 10 seconds.

Jog for 2 minutes. Then repeat step 2 for three more times.Gradually increse this to 4 to 5 times every 4 weeks.

Cool down with easy jogging

In the study, 18 moderately trained subjects were divided in 2 groups One the controls continued their normal training and showed no improvement after 7 weeks of training . The 30-20-10- group followed the above training system running just 3 times a week for an avereage of 30 minutes per workout . Thet trained just 9 miles a week.

The control group spent 0 minutes per week running at close to maximum heart rate while the 30-20-10 did 40% of their workout at maximum heart rate even though they sprinted for 16% of a minute.This occured because their heart rate stayed close to max as they recovered from each sprint.
The workout should be done on a flat terrain no gps , just by feel.
Its difficult to say how this workout would perform if you did just once or twice a week, but theres a general rule for intense : A little is better than none and a lot is too much.

The researchers conclude “ Training with 10 second speed intervals can have a major impact on performance.

Rajnish Goswami, obese till 2015, successfully completed multiple Marathons and Ironman half distance and full distance races. He is a fitness enthusiast and an avid reader of sports science