Pinki Hazarika

So, here I come, again with some more knowledge of Yoga. Hope you like it, have tried to keep it simple and crisp yet keeping the important informations intact.

In my last article on Yoga in general, I wrote about the 8 limbs of Yoga. So I am going to write about Asanas today , which is one of the most important part of the 8 limbs and people connect with Yoga through Asanas.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar says- When you are happy , you are so up, mind swings up and down. You are too much excited or you put yourself down and this is called Dwanda. Asana is something which helps you to maintain the equanimity. It’s not just doing exercises, the postures actually brings stability and comfort..that which brings you these is Asana. Now, what is comfort…. It’s very different for different people- the shorter your comfort zone, the more miserable you are..because life is fast but you are comfortable only in a limited sphere, and your life becomes miserable. Your happiness depends upon the extent of your comfort zone. So Asana is something that expands your comfort zone.

So now let us talk about an Asana posture..Say Vajrasana..let us see how it looks like

Vajrasana pose is a simple sitting yoga pose. It’s name comes from the Sanskrit word Vajra , which means thunderbolt or diamond.

For this pose you kneel and then sit back on your legs to take the weight off your knees. Many pranayama are done in this posture as it makes your body strong and keeps your spine wrest naturally.

Benefits of Vajrasana :

Studies reveal that Vajrasana has positive health benefits which includes..

It helps reduce discomfort for people with lower back pain

It is useful for hypertension and may also improve concentration based performance.

It helps in digestion, relieves and prevents constipation, strengthens pelvic muscles.

Helps to keep the mind calm and stable

Strengthens thigh muscles

Helps in treating urinary problems

Increases blood circulation in the lower abdominal region

Reduces obesity and menstrual cramps

But as we know that Yoga is Holistic Learning, one cannot cure oneself with a single posture only— it is a whole package which includes a set of Asanas and so we need to practice it in a holistic form.

And also, instead of doing our own thing which could be dangerous at times, one must learn Yoga from a proper Instructor who will always show the correct way of practicing, only then you get the right benefits and also enjoy doing it.

Pinki Hazarika
Art of living Faculty
Regional Director GEP
Has been with the organisation since 20years, a meditator, a yoga enthusiast and an ardent devotee of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji