Our hearts beat as one

Our hearts beat as one

do not decry your aloneness
in this uncaring world
surely you feel me
in every breath of your melancholy as
my soul rides the selfless sunbeam
each morning to comfort your unmet yearning
journeying long from the lonely sun

do you remember the hide and seek
we played in our forgotten together-times
now you can catch me from my footfalls
hidden in the lyrical sound
of the raindrops hitting your tinned-roof

do not complain to your god
for taking me away
as i come to you ever so often
riding the whistling wind that flirts

with your fluttering saree draped across your soul


do you realise
in the uneasy cauldron of your
deep and overpowering emotions
i reside silently as a smell of memories
of our once intense togetherness

do not be afraid to return
to the empty hearth
after the day’s work in the heartless  field
as i wait to greet you as the struggling smoke
escaping from the smouldering logs
under the ignored earthen pot

feel free to let your sighs escape
from your burdened heart
my unseen tears will make them flow
and tell the story of the raging love-storm
emptying itself and gone

do not grudge the unholy fate
that stole away your source of joy
as every regretful breath of air
that you inhale
i wash it fresh with my unshed tears

why hesitate to see your mournful reflection
on the flowing water of an unmindful river
you will find me in the fold of the waves
synthesising a silent symphony of love

suppress not your shiver
if the night sounds of the  savaged world
conspire to frighten you
for i will always be there to lend my spine
for that shiver to run up

do not ever forget to remember
in the mirage of life and death
that you are me and i am you
and our hearts beat as one
even in the delusion of cosmic silence.

Formerly Managing Director of Numaligarh Refinery Ltd and subsequently also of Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd, a multinational company, Dr Das presently works as an independent consultant, coach and trainer. He had also served a tenure of two years as Emeritus Professor of Dibrugarh University. He is an acclaimed poet and a fiction writer and writes in English