She Is What She Is

A matter of comparing

Tiyasha Khanra

Her voice-

Clear and loud


Her expression-

Bold and frank


Her thoughts-

Naked but pure


No sugarcoat

Can she apply


No filter removes

Her rawness.


She is what she is.


Vulnerable yet so strong.

Ordinary yet so extra-ordinary.


Down to earth

But not average.


She is unique.

Simplicity is her supremacy.


She has something

Special.. may be a charm


Everything about her

Is different some way or other.

Tiyasha Khanra is a poetess and an author, lives in Kolkata, India. She has appeared on Rusty Truck Word Press, International Times, Inkpantry, Innsaei Journals, Indian Periodical, Ode to a Poetess, Storrymirror, Spillwords, The Lakeview Journals, Fevers of the Mind Poetry and Art Press, Setu Magazine and elsewhere. She is a bilingual poet and writes in English and Bengali only. She writes on Female issues, teenage psyche, Modern Issues, Urban crisis, Patriarchy and Christianity