Unwanted Change

Unwanted Change

Saranga Mahanta

As I sit at my study
I glance without, often.
Through the fleur grills
my eyes sight the world.

My gaze wanders about
the worldly frame, guided
by the magpies’ chirps
and raindrop taps, till
they fix upon the maple,
miles away on the mountain
‘Neath a clear blue sky.

And as the days go by,
my eyes wander much,
eventually unguided
to find the tree amidst the green:
Gaze hindered by rising giants
of firm sand, shaped by human hand.
‘neath an overcast sky.

And when that day comes,
I shall draw the curtains and go away.

Saranga Mahanta is an engineering student at NIT Silchar. He has a craze for adventures and a love for the hills. He play the piano and write haiku and stuff when his creativity strikes every once in a blue moon