Sangita Saikia Pathak

A land of idyllic bliss—-

Where the bright sunlight peeps through the lush green hills lustrously;

Like a golden halo!!!

Where the crystal clear waters flow seamlessly along a river;

That is adorned by dolphins and fishes!!!

Where the vernal lands spread across miles and miles;

With groves of shady trees alongside them!!!

Where the beautiful butterflies swarm across the carpets of multihued flowers!!!

Where the army of bees buzz along the hives in the shady groves of trees!!!

Where the birds and insects chirp the whole day long!!!

Where the fireflies glow along the marshy waters of the lake in moonlit evenings!!!

Where the darkest hours of the night sing hymns of God in deep silence!!!

Where Humanity worships Mother Nature with a deep sense of reverence!!!

Where the Knowledge of Wisdom conspires with the Breeze of pure Love—-

To build a rainbow across our Earth and the Gates of Heaven!!!!

Sangita Saikia Pathak has been writing poems, short stories and articles since her college days. Soulful Musings is her first poetry collection. She works in the Govt of Assam.