Achieve your dream physique. Become a Greek God

Achieve your dream physique. Become a Greek God

Anuranan Gogoi

The Greeks certainly understood what a strong and aesthetically appealing body looks like. Their Gods were portrayed to have beautifully proportioned, strong and muscular physiques that were categorized by a strong V-shaped torso, sculpted shoulders, prominent square pecs ,rock hard arms,a small waist and prominent legs. Greek Gods had the most ideal physiques in history. The shoulder to waist proportions were magical , the strength and stamina were decent. But the modern world has forgotten what perfect body looks like and are filling them up with artificial sugar, simplest of carbs and the unhealthiest of fat. In order to become a Greek God one must change his lifestyle and mindset. So let me help you in becoming a Greek God step by step-

1)Diet- Becoming a Greek God is not impossible with the right diet. Even though you may train hard you will become nothing without a good diet . First of all know your maintenance calories, if you are fat eat less than that and if you are thin eat more than that by 200-300 kcal. Your calories should come from complex carbs, protein and healthy fats. Each gram of carbs and protein contains 4kcal and each gram of fats contain 9 kcal(requires a little maths to become a Greek God).For example- If a man weighs 80 kg and eats 2000 kcal a day, 50 percent of them should come from carbs, 30 percent from protein, and 20 percent from fats. i.e.- 250g of carbs, 150g of protein and 44g of fats.

These should not be from fried potatoes, samosa, patties etc. When it comes to protein, it is the most ignored part,  but is the most important. People believe that eating much protein can lead to kidney damage and uric acid. But not having enough protein can lead to more health issues which the the world is facing now. Eating 150 grams of protein can be a bit difficult because one cannot eat 34 egg whites or 750 gram of chicken a day. This is where supplements come to help. Protein supplements make it a lot easier to fulfill the daily protein requirements and saves a lot of time and effort. But there is a misconception in our society that protein supplements are only for bodybuilders and not for normal people. But the fact is that it can be consumed by anybody who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Protein supplements contain all the essential and non essential amino acids which are hard to achieve from natural food. One can eat two scoops of whey protein and the remaining protein from egg or chicken or fish or milk. Avoiding outside food and eating homemade food can make a lot of difference. If one implements above concepts in his or her diet a lot of his or her body will improve.

2)Training- Training is a crucial part of building a Greek god physique. One can perform different types of physical activities which include cardiovascular workouts or lifting weights. However lifting weights is the most important part. Another misconception is that lifting heavyweights can stunt growth but the fact is that it promotes growth. Lifting weights 4 to 5 times a week can make you achieve a Greek god physique. Since the Greek God physiques are characterized by broad shoulders, small waist with magical proportions and rock hard arms. Along with achieving a Greek god physique comes great strength and stamina. The main focus should be on training the chest, arms, shoulder and legs. Training routine should include compound exercises such as deadlifts, bench press and squats. This exercises not only builds strength but also increases testosterone which is a male hormone which helps in building muscles and staying healthy.

3)Achieving the golden ratios- the ratio of shoulder to waist is the most important characteristic of a Greek god. The Golden Ratio is 1: 1.618. Here are the list of exercises one should perform to achieve that ratio-

1)For shoulder-

a) overhead press- it is a form of compound exercise which mainly targets the shoulder it can be performed by sitting or standing.

b) lateral raises- to perform this exercise one must stand and take one dumbbell in each hand and raise the dumbbells laterally away from the body.

2)For chest-

a) incline bench press- it is a form of bench press at an incline angle. It mainly targets the upper chest which makes the chest look bigger.

b) flat bench press- it is a form of compound exercise. It targets the entire chest and develop strength.

c) decline bench press- it targets the pectorial muscles in the chest which gives definition to chest.

3)For back-

a)Deadlift- it is a form of compound exercise which not only develops the back or legs but also builds great strength. People think that this exercise is bad for their back. But the truth is that it is extremely good for the back.

b) Pull downs- this exercise build the lats. This adds to the Golden proportion.

4)For arms-

There are two cones of exercise to choose from to train the arms. The arm consists of the bicep and tricep along with forearm. Tricep is bigger than the bicep and makes up most of the arm. So the triceps should not be ignored.

            At last achieving a a Greek god physique is simple but hard. Everyone cannot get the same Greek god physique due to variation in genetics from person to person. One must not compare himself with others but rather compare himself with himself. With the right training and diet everyone can become better selves and we can all become Greek gods.

Anuranan Gogoi is a student of class 11 from Ramanujan Junior College. He lives in Moran . He is a table tennis player, an artist, a fitness enthusiast.