Rishikesh II

Rishikesh II

Ms. Moramee Das

The route was beautiful,

On one side was the gentle Ganga and

on the other the exotic forest

in between were two complete strangers.


who met a few hours back

in the Holy Triveni Ghat and

became friends

in no time.


When the whole city slept

singing the songs of God!

These two friend-gers

went for a ride, in the stillness of the night

singing their own tune

while nature sang its own

witness to their joy ride !


To the unknown they went.

Just one thing was between them

apart from the silence of the deep forest

and the gentle Ganga.

The trust or say instincts.

They didn’t know where it came from.

Maybe they were branches of the same tree.


Beside the lap of the gentle Ganga


under the starry sky

One found his answers to all his questions

while the other got more tangled in the

web of her own !

Ms. Moramee Das is a police officer by profession but one from her many passions is writing. Her poetry has been translated into Spanish, Hungarian, Azerbaijani & Assamese languages. She represented India in “Baku Forum of Young Poetessess” held at Azerbaijan in 2017