Editorial : May




     The saying goes that “The world is full of possibilities!”. And rightly so. A couple of decades ago, people would pursue careers in professions like teaching, medicine, business, acting, civil service, engineering etc., to name a few.  But today the situation has changed.  There are many of us who would want to pursue unique career options and make our lives fulfilling and interesting.  There are many of us who would not like to work in a regular 9 to 5 job.  Then there are some of us who have switched professions mid-way and found that we have excelled in our chosen profession.

     There are so many interesting jobs like being an ethical hacker, an acupuncturist, a video game tester, mobile app developer, ghost writer, ayurvedic healer, body painter,flavorist, Vastu consultant,online reviewer and the list goes on and on.  Many of the jobs are well paying ones,  If we have the aptitude and urge to be different, then there are a whole lot of new professions we might like to consider.  Sometimes it so happens that we get bored of doing the same job year after year.  A. Change would break the monotony and bring in the excitement and interest.

     To pursue professions which are different from the usual ones, we have to consider our strengths and interests.  All jobs may not be well paying,but if we manage to find the kind of jobs that interest us, we can find job satisfaction and fulfilment.  Loving the job that we do would bring in contentment and to be paid for doing something that we love would be perfect.  So friends, if you are bored and do not enjoy your profession, look around you and you will find so many possibilities. For we only live once.

     Here’s food for thought!

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Editor (Honorary)