Editorial November Issue



Dear Readers,


     “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything”




     The origin of the word music is the Greek word ‘Mousike’ which means ‘art of muses’. Music is a form of art and is universal.  It transcends all boundaries of race,religion and country.  It has the capacity to bind people of different regions and connect people.  The power of music is unlimited. It has a magical impact on human beings and even some animals.

     Music has the ability to change a person’s emotions.  It can lift our mood whenever we are in a depressed state, it can soothe us if we are agitated, it can give an outlet to our emotions if we are sad and the list is endless.  It can relax us, making us forget our worries and tensions for a brief period of time, it can calm the mind and provide solace to an exhausted person.  Music has the potential to contribute positively in a person’s life.

     Music is a great healer. It can treat people with sleeping disorders and remove stress. It has recuperating powers and can help us connect with our soul. It can elevate our mood and is therapeutic in nature.  It can boost our energy during exercise sessions and remove loneliness. Parents also vouch for lullabies sung to babies to put them to sleep. 

     Music is creativity.  The artist expresses their sound through the creation of music. It is magical as an artist can bring out various emotions through their creations.  Some people are of the opinion that music is the greatest creation of mankind.

     There are many students who concentrate better or think better with music.  Although it might seem to  many that music will break concentration while studying or learning, there are a number of students who prefer to have music playing while learning a lesson.  In fact many students claim that solving mathematical problems is easier while playing music.

     The music industry the world over has grown by leaps and bounds.  There are several different types of music and every region has specific types of music.  Many artists earn their livelihood through music. And have earned their name and fame through the expression of their art.  Music has helped the entertainment industry like movies and theatres to grow substantially over the years.  Music has helped these industries to survive and grow over the years.

     Music, therefore plays a very important part in our life as it contributes immensely to our well being.  It feeds our soul, helps us grow and is sometimes a means to escape from harsh realities of life.  It is not only a source of entertainment for us but is a means to express our feelings and emotions.

       Here’s to more music in our lives.


Editor (Honorary)