A Conscious Ignorance

A Conscious Ignorance

Nabaraj Mahanta

It was wintry, chilly and cold,

Cosy Blankets and fluffy jackets unfold,

The mighty Brahmaputra was at its calm phase,

Unaware of its blitz, they were far from its rage.

It was time to rejoice and the air had a different feel,

Powered by some pelvic dance and an option to grab the best meal,

And of course, the authentic beverage needs a special mention,

They would wait till the dusk only for the firewood house’s ignition.

Just four months down the line and the air is still full,

Exquisite delicacies and beverages make everyone drool,

Holy cow gets what she deserves and denizens colourfully dressed,

They are ready to welcome the fiscal year, everything is set, everything is braced.

With no warning, the catastrophic thunderstorms near,

Uprooting trees and delicate huts, he is the reason for everyone’s tear,

Government’s petty response rubs no pain,

They can only prepare themselves for the next rain.

Television says the God’s own country has become swampy,

Highlighting broken homes and families under trauma and agony,

Regime’s response and bulk of funds came with full pace,

With such aid, they all got back their merry face.

But, was the television aware of the state famous for tea?

That it was too in affliction, submerged under a sea,

It was not the first time; Varuna is angry with this state annually,

Then, why do they receive response and funds so sheepishly?

Devoid of everyday commodities, they didn’t know whom to blame,

Even the active rhinos and deer of the forest became lame,

Roads blocked and homesteads turned into pools,

Farms wiped, famished people seemed equivalent to ghouls.

The angry Brahmaputra thrashes everyone; he sees no bonds, no ties,

But, I believe at least the ministers have wide-open eyes,

Centre says, “It is a frequent issue here so I gave someone else the funds”,

Alright, we will wait for the next year, only for you to make more bunds.

Nabaraj Mahanta
A Geography student from Kirori Mal College, DU. Apart from being an active traveller, he has always kept an interest in dance, languages and cinema.