Editorial of October Issue




     As the month of October approaches and the weather in this part of the world turns pleasant, we focus on the importance and benefits of gardening. Gardens have a universal appeal. And more so today, when most of us live in concrete towns and cities.  Having a small garden or a kitchen garden is very essential as plants represent a natural environment.  Plants are important not only because they take in carbon and release oxygen purifying the atmosphere, but also because they provide us sustenance and are a safe haven for birds, bees and insects.

     Gardening is important for our nutrition and also the environment.  We can grow our own vegetables and fruits.  This will ensure that we have fresh food without pesticides and chemicals.   If we plant seeds as per season, we will be assured of a steady supply of fresh produce throughout the year. This will also give us healthier food options. Gardening is good for the environment as it increases greenery, firms the soil and also stabilises the water table. Plants prevent soil erosion.

     The health benefits of gardening are innumerable. Gardening involves a lot of physical labour and helps us burn calories. We can have both low impact exercises and high impact exercises through gardening.Gardening outdoors ensures exposure to sunlight and thereby we get our daily quota of vitamin D, strengthening our bones, boosting our immune system and fighting a number of diseases like breast cancer, bladder cancer etc.  It helps us improve hand strength and dexterity and is recommended by doctors for rehab programmes for people who have suffered stroke. Gardening is also good for people with chronic pain.It can help us sleep better.It also improves our mental health, as gardening is a great stress buster. It can bring down anxiety levels and help people with depression problem.It has the capacity to improve our mood and connect us to nature.

    Planting seasonal flowers also adds to the beauty of the garden and the house. Colourful flowers are a sight to behold and provide us a happy environment. A well kept garden adds value to the property and well maintained lawns improve the look of the property. Gardening is a good hobby for adults as well as children. It teaches children responsibility. Gardening encourages creativity.

     So friends, we find that gardening has benefits not only for an individual, but also for the community, the environment and for our planet. Space is no constraint if we want to have a garden. We can have a few flowers or plants or a herb garden  if we do not have much space. Or we can opt for a garden with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers if we have more space. Seeds do not cost us much money and nurturing plants, watching them grow gives us pleasure. Gardens are our contribution to the environment, as it promotes a healthy ecosystem. So  let’s get started and plant our own greens.


With best wishes


Editor (Honorary)