Editorial, 11th Issue



Dear Readers,


        One of the most beautiful and valuable relationships in our life is friendship. To honour the importance of this wonderful relationship, the United Nations has marked a special day for its celebration.World Friendship day or International day of friendship is celebrated on 30 th of July in most countries. However, in India , it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The date of celebration may differ in various countries , but the significance that this beautiful relationship holds in everyone’s life cannot be undermined. The idea originated from Hallmark cards, by Joyce Hall in 1930. The proposal for a World Friendship day was first made in 1958 by an international civil organisation named World Friendship Crusade. But it was in 2011 that the International day of friendship was declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

     We cannot choose our family or blood relations. But we choose our friends as and when they come into our lives.  Many believe that friends are more important in their lives than family.  This is because we can share our innermost thoughts,secrets, experiences with our friends which we might not like to share with our family members or blood relations.Our friends are there with us during our good times and bad times.  They will criticise us, applaud our achievements, support us during our tough times, cheer us up when we are unhappy, but they will never judge us. They will accept us as we are.  We can be our true selves in front of our friends without any inhibitions or worry. Friendships are important for our growth and also emotional support.

     The most important aspect of friendship is the unconditional love that we receive from friends. No matter what the situation is, our friends are always by our side during the time we need them.  We can approach our friends when we are in doubt and expect them to show us the best option available. They boost our mood and encourage us to overcome obstacles, accomplish our goals.  They act as our stress and eliminate our loneliness. A friend makes life interesting and meaningful.

     Friendship helps us enrich our lives in multiple ways.  We learn to share,care , help and love.  Life would be dull and boring without the company of friends. They are a source of happiness and help us grow as individuals.  Friends help us to keep our minds and body strong.  Friendships help us to improve the overall quality of our lives. So here’s to a lifetime of friendship.

    As the saying goes-

     “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there”



Happy reading!


With best wishes


Editor (Honorary)