Poem without Grammar

Poem without Grammar

Original Poem By: Partha Sarathi Mahanta

Translated By: Jyotirmoy Pradhani

It’s been quite a while I stopped writing poems

No reason, can’t even give an excuse

Yet, I ceased to write poems.

Never realized, not even noticed

That my poems turned quiet



Now, as I look back,

I  realise how crucial

Those poems were for me-

They were the eloquent disclosures

Of my feels and emotions,

Free flowing reflections

Of my intense thoughts,

Fluent articulations of my imaginations,

Reasons and ruminations

That occupied the cusp

Of my  adolescence and adulthood.

They were the shelters

Of my youth’s innocent  fervours.


The poems were cluster of my minute thoughts,

Of the absurd, provisional

And the nebulous sagacity

Of my  dischanted  life.

They were imperative for me

To settle without reason

The irrationalities of attainments.

They were the endevours to reveal the lore

Of my nascent wisdoms.


The poems were so urgent for me,

They instilled life into my choked moments.

The poems were a necessity for me,

They enlivened my incorporeal being.

The poems were a need for me,

They renewed my sapping self with vigour,

My poems were without grammar

No idioms, no  pattern, style or a philosophy

Yet, for me they were

My exuberant means to churn meanings.


In terms of age, life has matured

In terms of time, it has been a sheaf of experiences.

Longings were all concealed

Taking reality as a subterfuge.

Despite the scratches of age and wrinkles of time

My poems refused to settle for a creed.


Myriads of places, myriads of faces

And the rainbow of emotions

Yet the same cravings for poetry,

Poetry without grammar.