The Phoenix

The Phoenix

Leena Doley

Rising from the ashes

Born again


Amniotic fluid clings shining

Like morning dew

Washing away the yesterdays


Strength flows stronger than the

Blood in the veins


Day emerges bright

A meadow fresh


Tomorrow sounds a better song

All new


Wings test their sinews

Nothing has been lost

Only sturdier

For all the lashes they bore


Feet on the ground

Time paused

Waiting for the rebirth


Death conquered

Nothing will stop it now


And it looks back gratefully

At all the hands that

Aided it’s birth

Leena Doley
Leena Doley is a police officer and a mother of two. She is also a voracious reader, movie buff, feminist, dabbler in new experiences and a dreamer imagining a world which is equal and humane.