The Beautiful World

The Beautiful World

Navanita Medhi

I have made a world of mine

with my thoughts and imaginations

where everything is good,

where every mind is pretty.

In this world of mine

everyone talks beautiful,

everyone acts beautiful,

nothing awful can sustain here.

People laugh

and they laugh with pure happiness

and whenever they cry –

they cry to do away with anything sad.

They wake up, they sleep,

they live only with a pleasant dream.

They are glad with their nicety,

they are hopeful with positivity –

where life is wonderful

it is precious,

it sails through with loving care

nothing ill one can think,

nothing evil one can ever do.

Navanita Medhi is from Guwahati. She teaches Political Science at J. B. Law College, Guwahati. She takes interest in writing both in English and Assamese since childhood.