Monobina Nath

Little talent, little experiment

Are her acknowledgement

In a self-taught university-

A room of one’s own personality.


Tall house, dark interiors

With lots of barriers

To became a prolific writer.

She was a brilliant fighter.


Her mother, sister,

Brother, father-

All went out for a voyage to the

lighthouse. See ya! See ya!

She called- with sleeping pills, a


Pen and paper-

A modern feminist writer.

The mark on the wall

Attract her- Is it a small hole

Or a leftover rose leaf?

Is stream of consciousness her motif?


To show the world- those hidden figures,

Sensitive thinkers,

Buried treasures under social pressure

Like Judith Shakespeare.


Monobina Nath from Kolkota is a poetess, who writes about maidenhood, women’s rights, psychology, mythology and history. She has a keen interest about different cultures and their cuisines.