A Matter of Comparing

A matter of comparing

KN Rao

A matter of comparing

My friends say I write poetry

I say it’s just rubbish commentary.

It’s just that I try to be funny.

And not give poets a run for their money.

They try to be politically incorrect.

And show the world their intellect.

All I try is to  have some fun.

And not have people run after me with a gun.

And it’s their bread and butter you see.

But my rhymes are just for free

Their poems are thought provoking

But in my rhymes, I’m just joking.

And if I try to be poetic.

I will sure be pathetic.

They compete to pip each other to the post.

While I try to make my friends laugh the most.

K N Rao (Sonny) is consultant by profession , with a background of Statistics and Human Resources. Born and brought up in Tezpur in a family of academicians, he has worked in Delhi for a considerable number of years and currently runs his own setup based out of Guwahati. His passions include listening to  a wide range of music, watching movies, reading mostly fiction, meeting people from all walks of life and cooking. Being a foodie himself , he honestly believes that to understand a culture one must eat the food associated with the culture.