How to clean your makeup kit

How to clean your makeup kit

Papori Dutta

Makeup hygiene is very important to avoid skin infections,rashes, clogged pores,blackheads and acne. Poor makeup hygiene can lead to diseases like herpes, E.Coli, conjunctivitis etc. Therefore it is very important to clean our makeup kit from time to time.

1)Cleaning your makeup brushes- Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is not only good for your skin but will also make them last longer. The first step is to add a dollop of shampoo into a bowl or glass and fill it with water. Then immerse your brush into the solution. The brushes should be gently swirled to get rid of the residue products.The brushes should then be rinsed with clean water and the water should be squeezed out. The brushes should be laid out to dry. Once the brushes are fully dry only then should it be stored.

2) Cleaning makeup sponges-Makeup sponges should be put under running water and gently squeezed till it is totally wet. A cleansing liquid should be added and the sponge should be squeezed until the sponge is clean and liquid removed. Then the sponge should be rinsed until the water is clear and the sponge squeezed of water. It should then be air dried. One can use a disposable sponge or applicator also.

3)Clean your makeup bag-The makeup bag should be flipped inside out after it is emptied and any powder,lipstick should be wiped off with a clean tissue or sponge. If the bag is made of cloth, it can be washed and dried before use.

4)Cleaning your makeup pencils- Eyeliner pencils can be cleaned by shaving them, thereby removing the bacteria. The pencils can be dipped in alcohol for a few seconds and then dried naturally. Finally a clean napkin may be used to wipe it off and it is ready for use again.

5)Cleaning Eyeshadow- A clean blade can be used to scrape  off the top layer gently. Next a wet tissue can be used to wipe off the surface of the pallet.

6)Cleaning lipstick- Lipstick can be cleaned by dipping it in alcohol or take a wet napkin and wipe it off.

7)Discard expired makeup- One should discard makeup that has expired. Mascara and eyeliners should be discarded every three months as our eyes are highly sensitive to infections. The expiry date of other products should also be checked from time to time.

8)Cleaning powders and palettes-Rubbing alcohol should be put in spray bottles and the powder should be sprayed with it. The powder should then be left to air dry.




Papori Dutta, proprietor DARPAN, A beauty academy established in 2003, offering makeup, beauty, hair styling, nail art courses and other beauty services. She has done courses from Toni & Guy, Hong Kong, Vidal Sassoon, London & Heading Out Academy, Australia.