Daughter of a Thousand Mothers

Daughter of a Thousand Mothers

Leena Doley

The world will rage and heave and thrash

But within you my child

Is the blood and pain of a 

Thousand mothers

And the struggle of lifetimes

Shielding you strong,


For defeat can come

Only from within.


Beauty lies not in your body

But in your soul

Let not anyone tell you otherwise.

The innocence of sunrise

Will remain forever

Inside you

As long as the world rotates round the sun.

Time may tear

At that skin you wear

But within you lies

The strength of the souls of a thousand mothers

That you are a daughter to.

Leena Doley

Leena Doley is a police officer and a mother of two. She is also a voracious reader, movie buff, feminist, dabbler in new experiences and a dreamer imagining a world which is equal and humane.