Nilakshi Dutta

Along with the muezzin’s call of maghrib in twilight

came that shocking news-

inhaling oxygen betrayed you

and you departed tip toeing

without letting others have the slightest prior hint of this last ride.

No celestial bathe

No linen shroud

Nothing followed.

In the periphery of the graveyard

Some masked faces were seen inside your luxury car

hiding like captive prisoners

 scrambling in a tumultuous way-

If the last glance of you be caught !


Vagabond clouds seen floating on

 haggard looking sky aimlessly.

Stars stopped blinking for few seconds.

The leaves of trees were seen stooping in familiar remorse.

and the rain that was supposedly come down through

were flown away by crooked wind.


 Detach oneself away from others is the slogan of the time.


now on the path of your departure quavers a sad galore

the glow of emancipation brightens the path ahead.



Nilakshi Dutta hails from the pristine tea gardens of Assam, Tinsukia. She has been working as a Principal in a government Senior secondary school for the past five years. She is extremely passionate about poetry and considers herself to be more of a reader than a writer. Her short stories have been published in famous Assamese literary magazine GORIYOXEE and a few of her poems are scattered in some indigenous newspapers