Interior Monologue of a Townswoman

Interior Monologue of a Townswoman


So, this is the place

Where only the men come to spend their days

Performing unholy diabolic rituals—

Summoning the devil to make deals—

Contending to be the devil’s ace—

And as legend has it

This place for a woman is unfit


That’s how the town looks like from up here

Only men, men – visible

And not a single woman figure

To put my imaginative mind on

Probably they’re all busy doing household chores—

Cleaning dishes and mopping floors,

Nursing the young ones at home,

Confined to the custom and limited space

Well, it’s a man-leading world down there

And We, we’re just pawns

Stereotype to the service of men

Even unfortunate Eve was documented

To be at the service of a man


I want to conspire with the devil

To bring change to this stereotypical practice

But even the devil is a man

And not a devil Woman.

S.Siangshai belong to Moolamanoh, Shillong, Meghalaya. Beauty in any kind of art form and nature amuses him.  He has recently published his poetry book “The Journey of an Imaginary’s Mind”.