It’s the Wind

It's the Wind

Leena Doley

It’s the wind
Splashing against my face
Rain water
Not you.
It’s the wind lashing
Trying to move into my soul
Not you.
It’s the river swollen
With the rain
Not you.
It’s the wet grass
The wet leaves
The wet earth
It’s the wind blowing
It’s the wind
Enveloping me
Not you.
It’s the rain
Soaking me
In it’s love
Not you
It’s the earth
Enticing love from the rain
Not you.
It’s the sunset
Setting fire to the river already in spate.
But it’s you
On my mind
Taking over
All that’s real.

Leena Doley
Leena Doley is a police officer and a mother of two. She is also a voracious reader, movie buff, feminist, dabbler in new experiences and a dreamer imagining a world which is equal and humane.