Nilakshi Dutta

When the December air ruffles your hair

When the dried leaves touch your feet

crying for a few droplets of water

and praying

not to be flown away by winter flair

Abruptly a shooting star comes down to earth  to cajole the yellow  leaves .

Standing on the threshold I lean against the door ;

and wait for the last customer of the world

With my suicidal love.


Whispering a sad tune when winter  goes by, Far across the hill

the shepherd blows on his harp a dirge.

crawling the rocky hill

You come to me

I am the perennial malady of earth.

Nilakshi Dutta hails from the pristine tea gardens of Assam, Tinsukia. She has been working as a Principal in a government Senior secondary school for the past five years. She is extremely passionate about poetry and considers herself to be more of a reader than a writer. Her short stories have been published in famous Assamese literary magazine GORIYOXEE and a few of her poems are scattered in some indigenous newspapers