Modernizing: Fearless Or Fearful

Modernizing: Fearless Or Fearful

Swati Sharma

Modern! Modern! Modern!

This transition is highly boredom

Slang is emerging by leaps and bounds

Wow! It get hit by hounds

Unconquerable and cryptic is on the same edge

How to tie that inconsistency by ledge


Provoke or mock the idea

Or else leave things without rest

I was born from a cocoon

Promised to take hundred steps as a tycoon

Apparently, Palanquin Bearers arrived very soon

It was staggering to consider it a boon


Slowly but rapidly, I arrived at a strange home,

Relinquishing inside, following the dome

Seems the scintillating shower of stars

Little happiness won’t do any harm,

I said to myself, Life can be cured

But filthy past had to remain bold

Sardonic laughs are being made

In the notion of conspicuous game

Staying silent was not an option

I chose the rebel mode of motion

Healing gained a newer perspective

I was waiting for something hectic

Moved along with highest ruckus

Wondered to discern and mollify the bombastic,

Oblivious to the catastrophes

Had a willing to go backward


Self said don’t do it

I bade to woo it

Questioned and answered numerous times

Kept talking about insights

Found an affair to remember

Drained the love out of hail


Spirit made me stronger to long

How I could stay away from the goal?