My Green Land

My Green Land

Navanita Medhi

The land I was born,

was a land of green only.

Wherever I looked at

found that refreshing colour –

breathed the cool air

coming from that green,

so soothing to the soul and mind.

Even the streams reflected

in their waters

the greenery of the banks –

the fascinating hills

and the extensive valleys.

Such was the land I was born

where the birds sang

to the content of their heart

in the green trees

and the cattle had the abundance

of the grasses to graze.

But now, I am missing

that beautiful scene,

that green ambience around

has  vanished somewhere,

can’t have the same feeling

even though I am trying to create

 a green space in my residing place.


Navanita Medhi is from Guwahati. She teaches Political Science at J. B. Law College, Guwahati. She takes interest in writing both in English and Assamese since childhood.