What If A Mirror Was A Canvas

What If A Mirror Was A Canvas

Purbasha Chanda

What if the mirror was a canvas!

It could wipe all the scars inflicted thus for being a girl,

I could paint her as humane,

Instead of branding her as a dependant forever,

– Could hammer her into shape with boister,

– Could imprint the feudal vanity of lords,

And bruises of civilization left on her,

 – would conceal all my scars with Maybelline or L ‘oreal,

Perhaps implant a rose in my cheeks and your favourite Lily on my bun,

I would throw some glitter and highlighter on the face to rekindle the lustre,

Perhaps i would mask the dark circle with starry nights,

-to wipe those layers that thickened my cheeks for tearful and endless nights.

What if the mirror was a canvas?

I would chisel a slim body with curves on the right edges with all its ports,

Maybe i would use all the colors in my palette to vanquish the darkness that pervades her,

I would paint a lady, no better than my reflection.

Maybe she will the person you might love!


What if the mirror is was a canvas

I could still paint my love..

Purbasha Chanda, is  a second-year B.pharm student at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal. She hails from the lush green state of Assam and  is inclined towards creative writing and reading novels. I draw inspiration from Jhumpa Lahiri, Amish and Rick Riordan