Dr. Preetinicha Barman

Sweat drains my body

as if a water fall eroding

the red soil of a naked hill;

Pungent, slimy, the quasi-liquid drips

oozing out fatigue,

A body leaned over cushions,

A mind swinging between

vigilance and forgetfulness

plunge together.

Is it a drowning that leads to resurrection?

Or just a cycle of everyday life?

Dr. Preetinicha Barman (1982) teaches English Literature at Women’s College, Shillong. She writes in English, Assamese and Rajbangshi languages. Some of her English poems were published in the print and e-journals like Muse India, Peregrine Muse, The Thumbprint Magazine, Ethos Literary Journal etc. Aiyor Photok is her collection of Rajbangshi poems.  Her critical essays have been published in various journals, both print and web as well as collected volumes. She is also a Classical Manipuri dancer